Help your people. Help your bottom line. Everyone wins.

Your employees and their families often face an array of personal, work-related and work-life balance challenges. Left unresolved, these hurdles can decrease performance and morale, increase health insurance and disability costs, and even evolve into costly expenses like accidents and lawsuits. BHS Assistance Programs get participants the help they need and get them back on track and energized in their roles—making a big impact on your organization.

Our Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, put us on the map. But we serve all kinds of organizations with all kinds of members, including students, union members, hospital patients, residents and more.

It saves time. Yours and your employees'.

A BHS Care Coordinator follows each case from initial phone call through case closing, for a personalized, high-touch process leading to swift resolution. In fact, up to 90% of Employee Assistance Program cases are resolved within the program—without using expensive healthcare benefits.

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It’s far from a counseling benefit.

BHS is your strategic partner for improving workplace performance. We have a unique lens into the issues faced by people in your organization—positive and negative. We use our data to identify trends. And we bring creative solutions for improving the organization as a whole. By bettering individual lives, we transform your organization.

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Key Features

Toll-free, unlimited telephonic access 24/7

Unlimited telephone assessments and referrals by Master’s-level clinicians

Face-to-face sessions

A dedicated Program Manager as your primary point of contact, proprietary care coordination model and thorough follow-up process to ensure desired outcomes and participant satisfaction

Expert advice on employee performance concerns related to personal problems or behavior

Reporting and data trend analysis for maximizing program utilization and effectiveness

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