From the CEO

Welcome to BHS. On behalf of my entire team, I want to thank you for your interest in our unique approach to transforming organizations by maximizing employee performance. We’ve grown our range of services, deepened our expertise and broken new ground in the field. The result is a total well-being provider and workplace strategy partner like no other.


BHS has been different from day one, as a small start-up in a sea of larger competitors. We’ve built a name for ourselves on BHS’ outstanding customer relationships, our track record of results and as trailblazers who continue to demonstrate how energizing employees impacts performance and transforms organizations. BHS stands out.


Through all that time, the BHS legacy has been written by a team whose passion for, and commitment to, our work and our customers has never wavered. Our integrity, superior service and the extraordinary experience we deliver remain the same. That is underscored by the long-lasting relationships we have with our customers—and the long-lasting results they’ve achieved.


You may want to listen to a recent podcast I participated in, “Health Care Simplified”, where we discuss the significance and evolution of the EAP.


BHS recently conducted a study in the Mid-Atlantic region using an insurance mental health provider directory, which included counselors, therapists, etc. You would be shocked to hear that we found that only 10 out of 100 possible providers listed could offer an appointment. This is something we have been aware of for quite some time. Click here for more results of the research.


I am very proud of the BHS story, the values we represent and the reputation we’ve built. I look forward to partnering with you to see how we can energize your team, make a real difference to your organization and exceed your expectations at every turn.


Dawn Motovidlak
President and CEO