When you need an outside perspective, we offer sound advice and smart solutions.

When employees’ lives are better, your whole organization is transformed—becoming more effective and more productive. Since 1999 BHS professionals have done for thousands of organizations, ranging from very small to very large. Using the services listed below, we’ve created customized solutions for our customers and resolved countless issues, improving the lives of more than a million employees. And we can do the same for you.

Organizational Development Solutions

From building teams to re-energizing employees to boosting morale to improving management skills, BHS programs can strengthen even the best organization. Our organizational development professionals apply collaborative strategies to increase all aspects of your organization’s effectiveness. For example, we measure your corporate climate, create customized training programs, facilitate implementation of appropriate management initiatives and review current development programs to ensure adherence to your strategic goals.

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Health Promotion and Screening Solutions

Healthy employees mean a healthier bottom line. Absenteeism and insurance costs go down. Productivity goes up. So BHS provides a wide range of solutions—anything from flu shots to an interactive seminar on brain fitness to learning about heart health. We can screen for high blood pressure, bad cholesterol or high glucose levels, to help prevent stroke, heart attack or diabetes. We can even help reduce employee stress levels. What can we do for you?

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Education and Training Solutions

When we show your employees how to improve the quality of their lives, their productivity improves, too. BHS seminars and activities run the gamut from men’s and women’s health issues to preventing identity theft. Or from food and fitness to financial planning. We can also help employees deal with the stress of child raising, caregiving or break their addiction to drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

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Consultation and Compliance Solutions

We can work with your HR department to develop a crisis management program, or establish a support structure for employees in the event of downsizing or relocation. We also offer drug-free workplace compliance training for employees and supervisors. The goal: to help your people overcome obstacles and stay focused on the task at hand.

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Marketing Solutions

The success of your program depends on marketing support. BHS provides everything you need to help inspire action and build enthusiasm. We’ll help you plan and advertise exclusive programs and special events with customized promotional strategies, posters, banners and direct mail (among others). We offer employee incentives and promotional items, too.

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